NAB expresses ‘no confidence’ on SC bench hearing Kamran Faisal’s death case

ISLAMABAD: National Accountability Bureau’s NAB Prosecutor General K.K Agha on Monday expressed ‘no confidence’ both at the Supreme Court and its bench hearing the case pertaining to mysterious death of Kamran Faisal.

K.K Agha raised his ‘no confidence’ while appearing before a two member Supreme Court bench which had taken up the matter for hearing. Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja, however noted that Kamran Faisal’s case will be adjudicated to know if his death was a suicide or a murder.

Justice Khilji Arif Hussain asked K.K Agha to present his reservations in writing. He said if the reasons for no confidence were found tenable, then it might be considered. Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja noted that ‘come what may, the rule of law and the constitution was important for the court’.

The court also offered Advocate Anwar Kamal to become Amicus curiae in the case, to which K.K Agha also raised objections. Anwar Kamal told the court that he had also been appearing as amicus curiae in the Rental Power Projects RPPs case.

Attorney General Irfan Qadir told the court that an inquiry was already in process over the death of Kamran Faisal. He also submitted a letter confirming that a judicial commission was probing the matter. Justice Khilji Arif Hussain inquired that which commission The Attorney General then explained that a commission headed by Justice r Javed Iqbal was already probing the matter.

In response to court orders, K.K Agha also presented before the bench copy of the notification of judicial commission. Meanwhile, K.K Agha requested for some time, which the court allowed and adjourned the hearing till February 01. Kamran Faisal, an Assistant Director of NAB, who was investigating the Rs22 billion RPPs scam, was found hanging from a ceiling fan in his official residence in Federal Lodges, Islamabad, on Jan 18.

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