Nandipur power project to create 400 jobs

Karachi: The 425 MW combined cycle power plant project Nandipur will create 400 new jobs for Sindh and three other provinces of the country besides benefitting Karachi. About 85 % material of this under-construction power plant has been transported to the project site from Karachi Port. The power plant is likely to be completed in November ahead of its schedule time of December 2014. The present government is fully interested to complete the project as soon as possible so as to overcome power shortage.

Dong Fang Electric Corporation Limited of China, a reputable group in the world, is working on the project with fast pace. The project is located on the left bank of Upper Chenab Canal in Nandipur, Gujranwala.

The project is of great importance and it could enhance country export and reduce power demand by two hours during 24 hours on daily basis. It will bolster industrial production and bring a new era of development in the country.

Managing Director, Project Monitoring Unit of Nandipur power plant, Captain (R) M Mehmood, is making hectic efforts to transport remaining material from Karachi Port to the power plant site. “The credit of swift work on project goes to MD M Mehmood and his committed team who took the project seriously,” said Additional Director Sadaruddin Khuhro while talking to PPI.

He said: “The PML-N government under the dynamic leadership of Nawaz Sharif is paying full priority to power sector and is making huge investment in order to pull country out of electricity shortfall.

“85 percent of equipments of 425 MW power plant project has been shifted with the efforts of MD M Mehmood and his team, and the work on the project is going on with swift pace,” Khuhro said.

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