NAPHIS, DPP must draw policy to control fruit flies, says Ahmad Jawad

Islamabad: CEO Harvest Tradings Ahmad Jawad has said that National Plant Animal Health & Inspection Service (NAPHIS) and Department of Plant Protection (DPP) must draw policy to control fruit flies in mango product so that country signature fruit may easily be exported to different situation.

In a press statement issued on Wednesday he said that concerned authorities have to take both short and long-term measures to tackle rising menace of fruit flies and other diseases. As country mangoes are facing difficulty in getting into UK this year where the quarantine department is busy disposing of any fruit suspected of being a fruit fly threat, he added.

The percentage of Pakistani mangoes rejected from the “Fera” an executive agency of the UK Government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)more than doubled last year, following an increase in the presence of fruit flies, he added.

Pakistani mangoes are prized for their superior quality and retailers have shown an increasing interest in them. But last year, 6.3% of 4,252 lots were rejected by Fera, compared with 2.4% of 3,940 lots in 2011.

The mangoes were rejected because of the presence of Tephritidae fruit flies, a “quarantine listed harmful organism” and the damage they could cause to European fruit production.

This year till end of June, 3.9% of lots had been rejected Jawad said Europe as a whole imports in the region of 18,000 tons per season of Pakistani mangoes, 8,000 of which is usually sold on the UK market. The situation then, is a serious blow for the industry. “This is a warning sign for us”

European and UK quarantine policies are getting stricter every year, and Pakistan faces serious damage to its exports if it fails to control fruit diseases, including fruit flies. Furthermore, export of mango to Iran, US & Japan still not resolved from the last 3 years. The performance of concerns remained questionable? he added.

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