Ombudsman directs withdrawal of cancellation of eight prison appointments

Karachi: Ombudsman Sindh Asad Ashraf Malik has directed the Inspector General of Prisons Sindh to withdraw the cancellation orders of the appointment of eight candidates and restore their services with retrospective effects.

The Ombudsman issued this orders on the request made by one of these candidates, Waqar Ahmed, after examination of the case. He found that the appointments were made by the office of Inspector General of Prisons on the recommendations of the Departmental Selection Committee, after observing all codal formalities, and with the approval of the Inspector General Prisons who was the competent authority .

The department of Inspector General Prisons in its comments to the Provincial Mohtasib during inquiry said that the matter was taken up with the Inspector General of Prisons Sindh who vide his report 30.11.12 informed that total eight candidates, including the complainant were appointed with the approval of the then Inspector General of Prisons on the recommendations of the Departmental Selection Committee . However these appointments were cancelled on the directives of the Minister for Prisons on the plea that the said orders were issued without completing codal formalities and his prior approval.

The decision said: “The subsequent cancellation of these appointments by the Minister for Prisons merely on the plea that his prior approval was not sought is unwarranted and against the rules of business as the competent authority for appointment of Warders under the rules is the Inspector General Prisons”.

Complainant Waqar Ahmed in his complaint alleged he was appointed for the post of O.G. Warder in Prisons Department vide order dated 10.8.12 after completing all codal formalities and joined his duties in Juvenile Prison.

He further pleaded that only after 15 days he was verbally forbidden by his Controlling Officer to come on duty till further orders. He asserted that since 30.8.12 he was kept on false hopes and promises and ultimately on 17.11.12 a copy of letter containing his name was handed over to him stating therein that the appointment s of all the appointed candidates were cancelled.

He made several applications against this cancellation to the concerned authorities but to no avail. Hence, he sought intervention of this Institution, he added in his compliant. The complainant in his rejoinder said that out of eight candidates, three were still working in the department and if all the appointments were void under the law and rules, then how and why the three candidates were allowed to continue their duty, says a handout here Monday.

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