Ombudsman orders regularization of Allahbad Colony

Karachi: Provincial Ombudsman Asad Ashraf Malik has ordered the Secretary Kachi Abadis and Spatial Development Department, Government of Sindh, to ensure that Sindh Katchi Abadis Authority issues the required notification for regularisation of Allahbad Colony Part –II as a Katchi Abadi.

He also has ordered the Administrator Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) to regularise Allahabad Colony without any further loss of time as per approved Lay Out Plan and issue leasehold rights to its registered occupants.

He issued these orders on the complaint made by the Anjuman Hamdardan-e-Ghurba, Allahabad Colony Part-II stating that Allahabad Colony an old Katchi Abadi, is situated in sector 8-A and 8-B of Korangi Township and is spread over 14.60 acres of land where about 750 Katcha Packka houses are constructed, having all basic utilities available such as electricity, gas, telephone, water and sewerage.

He added that it existed even before 1985 and was included in Master List of Kachi Abadis maintained by Sindh Katchi Abadis Authirity (SKAA) .

The complaint also mentioned that Karachi Metropolitan Corporation approved its lay out plan(LOP) as well as its regularization. The complainant further asserted that the residents of the colony had submitted their application for grant of lease but despite their constant follow up with the directorate of Katchi Abadi, and KMC no action had yet been taken by them for redresssal of their grievances.

The investigating Officer followed up the matter, examined the correspondence and hearing proceedings found out that the Sindh Karchi abadis had included the Allahabd Colony Part-II in the Master List of Katchi Abadis for regularization, . It was also found that the joint survey had also been conducted by the KMC and SKAA and that KMC had granted approved of Layout Plan.

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