Opposition leader in BA -Press

QUETTA: Press Conference of Balochistan Chief Minster has been very much disappointing. It seems as if he was finding way out but we would not allow him to do so. His saying he has failed to recover missing persons it admittance of his failure. We would not demand him to step down but we want promises he made should be fulfilled.

These views were expressed by Maulana Abdul Wasay leer of Opposition in Balochistan Assembly and JUI Parliamentary leader while addressing a Press conference here Monday.

He said Dr Malik Baloch while assuming power had announced that he would end abduction for ransom and incidents of target killings immediately and during his period there will be neither abduction nor any murder by target killing. After lapse of five months he has constituted his cabinet but gave no policy yet.

He said there is nothing as government in the province. Law and order has completely been destroyed. Earlier doctors and others were abducted but now politicians are being kidnapped. In recent abduction Arbab Abdul Zahir Kasi has been abducted. Situation reached to such a point when politicians are abducted and it could not be now who kidnapped him.

He said present government claims to be a nationalist but ever since it came to power, it has stopped funds saying these were issued in previous regime. No more funds would be released. He said government as stopped Rupees 150 billion and said this amount would be spent in areas of maulvis and as such these have been stopped. He asked Chief Minister to treat all at par. Her said if APC was called in December JUI would participate in it. It is beyond our understanding Chief Minister has admitted that he has failed to recover missing persons. He aid law and order situation is very grave and government has failed to provide security to life and property of people.

Maulana Wasay said it is said funds have been stopped because these are not used correctly. They should secure information in this regard. He said during our period number of cadet colleges was increased, universities made and network of roads laid. As against this five months have lapsed government has failed to give any policy. He said government neither give electricity nor developed agriculture rather arrangements have been made to kill people by hunger. He said we would not allow government to flee. We want Baloch and Pashtoon nationalists should get a chance to fulfil promises they made so that they must not say they were not given opportunity for it.

He said during past ten years in government, five with Jam Yusuf and remaining five with Nawab Raisani we did politics of principles. He said Asif Zardari tried several times to end our government but we always support Nawab Raisani because he had clearly said he was Chief Minister of a collation government. Had we not been there government would have been ended within a year.

Maulana Wasay said there is time government should ensure security to life and property of people because it has been mandated by them and government should come to this mandate.

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