Opposition terms the budget a document of statuesque

Peshawar: Opposition in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Assembly on Thursday while termed the first budget of PTI led government total against the claims of PTI said that the budget did not reflect the vision of ‘change’ for which the PTI government was making claims before election.

Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan, former chief minister and opposition leader in KP assembly , Initiating debate requested both, government and opposition benches to demonstrate patience and maturity while raising the issue and responding the points in the house.

The opposition leader suggested the opposition that it was their responsibility not to worsen the situation while raising their points. In his detail speech, the former chief minister said the budget did not reflect any vision of the new rulers who formed the government on their much talked about slogans of change and revolution.

He termed the budget as routine budget prepared by the officials of the finance department, he said they could not and would not allow the rulers to become owners of the provincial resources.

He said the rulers would have to consider themselves as custodians and act like that instead of utilizing the province’s resources on the individual will.

He challenged the government’s claims to reduce 50 percent poverty within three years saying it could not reduce even 10 percent. He said the rulers should not misguide the people by giving the nation hope on false promises.

He said no attention was given to improve the law and order situation, provision of employment and improve the system instead of making tall claims. He said 90 percent of the so called increase for health and education would go in salaries.

He said it was a status quo budget and did not reflect any vision of the government and its allies.

The parliamentary leader of ANP, Sardar Hussain Babak said no nation could make progress without restoring peace saying the new rulers could not improve any sector.

He said the donors would not invest in such a province where the rulers could not ensure security of its two members. He enumerated his government’s projects suggesting the government it should have increase the budget instead of abandoning it. He said how the government could improve the quality without constructing schools buildings.

The PPP parliamentary leader Mohammad Ali Shah Bacha said his party would support the government but would oppose its anti government policy expecting from the rulers to ensure justice and equal distribution of resources.

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