Over 60 illegal modules of irrigation water theft installed

NAUNDERO: Over 60 illegal modules of irrigation water theft have been installed by the area influential growers in Dadu Canal in the two subdivisions of Larkana and Shikarpur districts.

A visit to the area on Monday revealed that the influential growers of Tajudero and Larkana subdivisions have erected huge pipe in Dadu Canal which are flowing round the clock with the connivance of concerned irrigation officials. The modules range from 8 to 10 inches diameter and have been installed on both sides of Dadu Canal as huge cemented pipes have been laid along both sides embankments which are hidden in the Bunds.

The Bunds have also suffered badly due to digging as the fully settled mud has again been taken out which will be dried after some time posing a serious threat of breach in the Canal which may occur at any time at any time during peak flowing season. Former Irrigation Secretary, Idrees Rajput, told Media over phone that each module can discharge irrigation water to the extent of 2 cusecs in one hour if it is erected in the mid of the canal and, he added, that if the level of the pipe is in the base of the canal then it can get even more water out of the canal with rapid flow.

Which means that these 60 unlawful modules are stealing irrigation water to the tune of 2880 cusecs every day which is really a great loss to the tail enders. The Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah during a recent meeting with the PPP elected MNAs and MPAs had directed to the Sindh Irrigation officers to stop theft of irrigation water at all costs as almost all the elected members complained to him about non-receipt of water in their respective areas due to which grows and poor peasants are suffering seriously.

The tail enders have also been holding protests that their lands have also become dry as they have not yet been able to sow the paddy seedlings which would force them for late sowing. Irrigation Department of Larkana has established pickets/camps
along all the Bunds of Rice Canal and Dadu Canal where people have been posted to remain vigilant 24 hours but the theft of water continues right under their noses which shows that the complaints of the elected members have been ignored by the irrigation department officers and the directions of the Sindh Chief Minister have been put behind the back.

Perennial season has already started and the vigilance teams consisting of the irrigation engineers have closed their eyes. The growers have demanded that Rangers should be deployed in other parts of the province so that equitable distribution of water could be made during the current season, otherwise they would lose their livelihood for their poor families.

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