PA Khyber takes extreme actions against APA Landikotal

Peshawar: PA Khyber has reportedly debarred APA Landikotal of his powers by removing his security guards, which has made the Assistant Political Agent APA Landikotal dysfunctional to perform his legal duties smoothly.

Internal reliable sources informed that PA Khyber Motahir Zeb Khan has confined Assistant Political Agent APA Dr. Azmat Wazir to his office and bed room in his residence by making tehsildar Landikotal to overpower him.

All the transfers and postings of the Khyber Khasadar Force KKF and Khyber Levy Force KLF are allegedly done by PA Khyber directly without taking APA on board as per legal procedures and traditions in political administration, administration sources confirmed while commenting on the widening gulf between PA Khyber and APA Landikotal.

It is to be noted here that the misunderstanding between the two officials started some four months ago when APA Landikotal Dr. Azmat Wazir was posted as APA Landikotal.

Tehsildar Landikotal and Naib Tehsildar Torkham also availed the deteriorating situation by keeping direct contacts with PA Khyber to side line APA Landikotal, who is their immediate officer, reliable sources said, adding that PA Khyber does not like that KKF or KLF officials to obey APA Landikotal’s instructions.

However, some of the JCOs have vowed to obey APA Landikotal as their immediate boss in legal orders, which may provoke PA Khyber.

The administration sources also complained that after making APA Landikotal powerless, the hearings of the dispute cases and jirgas got affected and delayed in the office of Tehsildar Landikotal who reportedly does not give time to his office, alleged some of the JCOs in KKF.

Quarrels among rival groups also took place in the compound of tehsildar a few days back because of his apparently indifference to resolve public grievances and dispute cases pending since long. However, tehsildar Landikotal Arshad Khan has rejected all these allegations as baseless.

On last Thursday PA Khyber asked Tehsildar Landikotal to arrest four personnel of KKF deployed on Landikotal by pass road allegedly involved in taking bribes from the truckers which also annoyed APA Landikotal for being kept sidelined and ignored, sources revealed.

PA Khyber has also directed the junior officials to submit the income from check posts directly in Khyber House Peshawar, which has affected the administration’s hierarchy chain and the trust among the officials, sources said, adding that PA Khyber has now allegedly prohibited APA Landikotal to appear in Khyber House Peshawar, which will also cause the legal cases and dispute cases to get prolonged and delayed.

Now the officials and KKF personnel directly approach Khyber House for transfer and posting because APA Landikotal does not reportedly enjoy the authority to make any transfer posting to further improve the law and order situation, a subedar told, commenting that PA Khyber has unlimited powers that has disturbed APA Dr. Azmat Wazir.

The political figures, common people and the tribal elders are of the view that the growing differences may disrupt the law and order situation in Landikotal, commenting that a powerless local administrator would lose interest to exercise his authority in the best interests of the public.

They said that PA Khyber was misusing his unlimited authority, adding that PA Khyber has completed his tenure that is why the elders and the common people demanded of the high ups and governor Khyber to replace him with an honest and dedicated administrator so that he could establish durable peace keeping in view the tribal jirga system and resolve the public basic problems.

PA Khyber, APA Landikotal and Tehsildar Landikotal were all invited to express their opinion regarding the emerging situation and allegations that took place after the gulf widened among them.

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