PADIL marks October as “Month of Learning Disabilities”

Islamabad: Pakistan Association for Difficulties & Learning (PADIL) has successfully celebrated October as the “Month of Learning Disabilities”, said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) PADIL Ashba Kamran. She said PADIL organised workshops, training sessions and orientation classes at different places during the month.

PADILA is an awareness campaign to highlight LDs in Pakistani society. It is celebrating October as the “Month of Learning Disabilities” since recent past to highlight learning disabilities (LDs) among children, leading to high school drop-out rate in Pakistan. The LDs are direct outcome of brain relating problems including Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Dyslexia and many other issues.

Ashba said PADIL started the month of October with a media workshop. Leading media organisations participated to the workshop to understand the LDs and areas of activities of PADIL. It was followed by a training session for teachers of leading mainstream schools. Also, she said the PADIL had organised orientation sessions for LUMS and NCA students. Both local and international experts on the LDs addressed to the participants of these activities, she added.

She said the public response towards the cause was very encouraging. Majority of them said they had no idea of LDs among children before participating in the workshops and training sessions. CEO PADIL said the PADIL management will also organise a walk to culminate it awareness activities in the month of October.

Ashba said PADIL will soon announce its future plans with regard to highlighting the social cause of LDs in order to bring more and more Pakistanis into the fold of volunteers working for the well being of persons with LDs in Pakistan.

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