PAF “PAF is ever ready against internal and external security threats”: Air Chief

LAHORE: PAF as an integral part of the security apparatus, and as the first line of physical defence is expected to continue peacetime training while ensuring optimum operational preparedness against internal and external threats”, said the Air Chief while addressing the student officers of Naval War Course at Pakistan Naval War College on Friday.

Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt, Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force unfolded his vision on the development and modernization of Pakistan Air Force to meet the ever demanding challenges of 21st century and said, “Foreseeing the challenges posed to Pakistan and particularly to PAF, my vision is to prepare a force competent to face present and future challenges with full capacity to absorb future technologies.

It should be a force with a Human Resource that is experienced and empowered to handle modern day warfare across the entire spectrum”. The Air Chief further said,” The effectiveness of an Air Force is as good as the quality and performance of its personnel.

We have therefore, always trained hard and would continue to do so for achieving optimum performance to maintain our edge through professional excellence.

In spite of our extensive commitments, both in combat and noncombat operations we continue to participate in a number of exercises inland and abroad, with an aim to gain confidence on our new systems and benefit from experience of modern forces and practising modern employment concepts”.

While emphasizing upon the jointness as a key to success the Air Chief said, “As you know that modern wars are fought jointly. Our emphasis has remained on achieving synergy of effort among the three services. Joint exercises such as “Azme Nau”, “AlMizan”, “Sea Spark”. “Sea Spark Aman” and “ShamsheereBehr”, and closer coordination with Pak Army especially in our current operations, are testimony to this cooperation”.

Earlier on his arrival, the Air Chief was received by Rear Admiral Kaleem Shaukat, Commandant Naval War College, Lahore

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