Pagaro wants polls on time

KARACHI: Chief of Pakistan Muslim League Functional PMLF and spiritual leader of Hur community, Pir Pagaro said on Saturday that any extension in caretaker government tenure would lead the country toward instability, therefore, general elections should be held on time and as per constitution.

He expressed these views while addressing a joint press conference along with central leader of Pakistan TehreekeInsaf Shah Mehmood Qureshi at Raja House here.

He said that no one is talking about federation as everyone is talking about their provinces, districts and constituencies. He said PMLF is profederation party and we had engaged all those political forces believing in federation for general election talk.

Reply to a question, Pagaro said the way returning officers were questioning the candidates was ridiculous and there is no one here to stop those who had committed corruption, written off loans and transferred billions of rupees to their foreign accounts.

Shah Memood Qureshi said current PPP has become Zardari league, while real party is in sleep in Garhi Khuda Baksh. He said there is no logic to delay elections. He said next elections are the competition between opportunist politicians and those who wanted to serve the nation.

Pagaro assured Qureshi that his party would support him in general elections in Tharparkar.

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