Pakistan Medical Association asks people to drink more milk (National Herald Tribune (Pakistan))

Joining hands to address the critical issue of malnutrition, Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) and Tetra Pak Pakistan launched the Drink More Milk campaign under the Grow Healthy Pakistan initiative to create awareness of benefits linked with drinking milk.

People of every age, including women, children and elderly, suffer from diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis and stunted growth due to nutrition deficiencies that can be alleviated with regular milk intake.

In his message to the people, PMA President Dr Ashraf Nizami said that milk is a unique natural package of essential nutrients required for the proper functioning of the body. “It contains not only calcium and vitamin D but also significant amount of other essential nutrients such as protein, iodine, vitamin A and phosphorus among others.” It is important for every individual to make a habit of regular milk consumption to maintain a healthy lifestyle, he added.

Talking about the role of UHT technology in promoting milk drinking, Tetra Pak Pakistan Marketing Director Assad Abbas said, “UHT milk is the most viable and effective dairy nutrition solution for Pakistan. Due to aseptic packaging and processing technology, it has a much longer shelf life and can be distributed far and wide in the country without the need for refrigeration.

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