Pakistani mangoes in high demand in Mauritius

Karachi: Famous for its diversified flavours and tastes, Pakistani mangoes that landed in Mauritius are in high demand as local fruit exports successfully introduced the king of fruit there for the first time in the history of the country.

Pakistan’s mangoes could capture half of the market of Mauritius in the next five years due to its unique variety of tastes and price competitiveness. The country has been given an approval of exporting mangoes of 500 ton this year after it successfully fulfilled the processing requirement of the fruit at the standard level of Mauritius fruits authority. In this regard, the first shipment of 22 ton mangoes has been carried out of mangoes via sea recently whereas the shipment of rest of the consignments will be made in the coming weeks on supply schedule.

“This is the first time in the country, that mangoes have been exported to Mauritius, which is a major breakthrough. This will allow us to explore a new lucrative market in the world,” said exporter Babar Durrani, Director of Durrani Associates.

“No doubt, the taste of Pakistani mango is unmatchable in the world. Furthermore, the prices we offer to the new market are surprisingly half of the current market rate in Mauritius,” he added.

Detailing the dynamics of Mauritius’ market, Durrani said that Pakistan’s mango is available at $1.5 dollar per kg in the new market whereas mangoes of different countries are being sold at $3 per kg. Durrani Associates opted to supply mangoes via sea at reduced freight cost of Rs.12 per kg as against Rs.160 per kg freight cost charged via airplane. The overall import of mangoes of Mauritius is $ 1.5 billion annually.

Pakistan has entered the market this year with only one exporter, Durrani Associates, who plan to enhance the volume of mango exports gradually to meet the maximum demand of the importing country in the next five years.

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