Paramedics service structure still incomplete

RATODERO: Paramedics service structure approved by the Health Department vide its notification No SO PM12-3/91-98 is still incomplete resulting in financial loss to thousands of the low paid employees.

The service structure was approved under haste by the coalition government of PML-Q, which has never been updated to include the left over posts and categories due to which severe discrimination is felt by the affected employees of the Sindh government as they consider themselves shudders because they will retire without getting any benefits from their service after rendering precious long years to serve the ailing human.

The PPP government has never done anything for the betterment of these low paid government servants to complete the approved service structure of paramedics. The former Medical Superintendent, Chandka Medical College Hospital, Larkana, had pointed out in his letter dated 19th June 2006 sent to Health Secretary informing him that as many as 28 categories from Bs-1 to 14 containing 97 posts/employees which have been left behind and not included in the approved service structure due to which these employees are treating themselves as citizens of second grade.

Health Department at that time was collecting total data of the categories which were not included in the approved service structure from its health institutions in the province but it took no serious efforts hence the matter is still lingering which is unjust for which the responsible officers must be taken to task. Though many categories were reported to them but they did not issue the notification for a cheap reason that they would issue it only when total categories are received. Even then it is still awaited despite passage of seven years during which hundreds of employees have retired and many have died without award of financial benefits.

Dr. Safiullah Abbasi, Medical Superintendent, CMCH, has written a letter to the Health Secretary reminding him of the anomalies due to which as many as 97 posts/employes of 28 categories were left behind. The left over categories include Senior Store Keeper, Laundry Operator, Generator Operator, Attendant, Bearer, Senior Laboratory Technicians, Electro-Medical Technicians, Endoscopy Technicians, ICU Technicians, Steward, Telephone Operators, Electricians, Dietitians, Pump Men, Plumbers Carpenters and others.

Shahi Khan, Jagirani, Munwar Mangi, Zulfiqar Sahto, paramedical staff association leaders of Chandka Hospital Chapter and other affected employees have said that it was their struggle due to which the government was forced to approve service structure in 2006 and now if the present government included the left behind posts then it would be well and good but if it failed to give due right to the low paid employees then they would be forced to take to roads for their legal and moral rights. They said that it was irony that the present ruling government was ignoring the low paid paramedics who were performing most dangerous duties and were always open to infectious disease.

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