Pasban demands end to political appointments in police, disbanding militant wings of political parties

Karachi: Expressing grave concern on deteriorating law and order situation in Sindh, Pasban Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor on Thursday urged the provincial government to end the patronization of criminals, as a lasting peace would not be given to province unless the armed mafias working in the garb of political elements are disbanded.

In a statement he said the provincial government lacks political will to tackle law and order situation in the province. “After major incidents of terrorism the government reluctantly takes lukewarm efforts.”

He said the cosmetic efforts would not pay as the criminal mafias are well armed and well organized. The government fully knows about presence of criminals in the wings of political parties and the hands of police are tied up as they could not book and grill them, he added.

He said unless the hidden government patronizing of criminals is ended the people of Sindh would not get peace and safety.

Altaf Shakoor said after the recent terrorist attack on Sindh High Court judge Justice Maqbool Baqir in Karachi, the chief minister announced to give a bulletproof car to him. He questioned how many bulletproof cars the government would provide to top personalities on the hit list of terrorists?

He said the government is spending huge amount on police and law enforcing agencies but the net result is zero. He said the budgetary funds on law and order are rising every year and so is the lawlessness and terrorism. He said this is an ample proof of failure of the provincial government to purge Sindh from criminals and terrorists.

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