People asked to act on precautionary measures to avoid Congo Fever

Peshawar: The Deputy Commissioner Kohat, Saadat Hassan has directed the concerned authorities of Health Department to concentrate over preventive measures to stop fatal disease of Congo fever. He also directed to start a coordinated awareness campaign for the general public.

These directives he issued in a meeting convened on Monday in Kohat to take measures for stopping Congo fever. The concerned authorities of Health, Animal Husbandry Department, WHO and Municipal Administration, attended the meeting besides other.

The meeting was informed that Congo fever is a deadly viral disease spread by a tick from sheep, goats or cattle or contact with blood from an infected animal or patient.

The symptoms of this disease are that at first, the patient develops fever, backache, headache, sore eyes, nausea and vomiting. Later on, the patient may develop palpitations, rash, bleeding from nose or gums or bleeding in stool or urine.

To avoid suffering from the disease, the general people should adopt the following precautionary measures. They should not touch or remove ticks with bare hands, wear gloves while slaughtering the animals, drain the blood for 30 minutes after animal is slaughtered before skinning the carcass and cutting into the pieces, avoid contact with blood and other body fluids of animals or any patient of Congo fever and if anybody is suspected of the disease, he should report to nearest health facility.

Saadat Hassan appealed the masses the strictly act upon the precautionary measures to avoid suffering from Congo fever.

He directed the concerned authorities to arrange spray at the entry points of animals and slaughterhouses at Kohat and launch special campaign for awareness of cattle breeders. He also asked them to prepare immediately an action plan for eradicating the fatal fever from the district once for all. He said he would contact higher authorities in this regard.

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