People in system hinder Pakistan's progress: Malik Riaz (Daily Messenger (Pakistan))

Bahria Town chairman Malik Riaz on Wednesday has said that the system and the people who are driving it are major hindrances in country’s progress.

He expressed these views while addressing the 10th CEO Summit organised by CEO Club Pakistan and Managers Today.

Riaz said that he has to cope with extortion money demands and blackmailers in order to run his business. But he would not leave Pakistan, he added. He said that if every Pakistani shoulders his responsibility then Pakistan would catch up with European countries in the race.

He said that Pakistan does not need rulers but leaders. He said that if Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar gives 50 percent relief on items and reduces petroleum prices then tax evasion would end. Riaz said that building new dams would not only solve energy crisis but steer Pakistan out of several other problems.

Bahria Town chairman said that at least eight crore students do not get education while four crore population is deprived of staple diet. He said that financially strong people get medical treatment in foreign countries while none talks about impoverished class.

Club CEO Aijaz Nasir conferred Best Businessman Leadership award on Malik Riaz in the event.

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