People want change as political leadership lost trust

KARACHI: All Pakistan Muslim League APML Central Secretary Information Aasia Ishaq said on Tuesday that Pakistan was passing through the most difficult phase of unprecedented crises and there have been tremendous internal and external threats that were meant to destabilize the country, therefore, it was need of the hour that the democratic political forces should get united on a single point agenda of peace and harmony across the country.

In a statement issued here on Tuesday, she said that Pakistan was at war and the terrorists had rocked the nook and cranny of the country through suicide attacks and bomb blasts in a bid to establish their writ and destroy the soft image of the country as the progressive democratic state.

“The religious and political parties should now realize that the country need unity more it needed ever because it could not afford the division of the people on sectarian grounds, which was also a planned plot of the enemies of the country,” she said.

Aasia said that there was no doubt that foreign hands were behind the ongoing arson and carnage, who wanted to create circumstances as were once created in 1971, which led to division of the united Pakistan into two separate states.
The institutions that had sworn in to protect the country under all situations should also focus on elements that had waged a war from inside the country and leave no chance of their elimination, she urged.

It was very sad that the politicians of dynasty had lost trust of the people and were looking for a change in the country’s leadership. The terror affected nation had been looking at the former President Pervez Musharraf to lead the country and take it out from the threats and crises, which he would certainly do as he did during his tenure as the President of Pakistan, she asserted.

Musharraf had already announced he would be in the country immediately after the formation of the interim government in the country, she concluded.

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