PETRA CEO calls for using renewable energy resources in Pakistan

Executive Officer President of PETRA Global Energy Group (United Kingdom), Sheikh Rehman has called for exploiting rich potential of renewable energy resources of Pakistan to overcome growing energy shortages in the country.

Talking to APP in London today, he said that Pakistan could attract huge investments in energy sector including the alternative and renewable energy resources by further creating conducive investment environment to the investors for the socio-economic development of Pakistan.

He remarked that foreign investors were keen to invest in various sectors of economy including energy sector in Pakistan provided them conducive business environment and facilities. He said that Pakistan could overcome its existing power shortage by exploiting its rich energy resources including hydel, solar, waste-to-energy wind and other resources.

Sheikh Rehman urged the overseas Pakistanis and other foreign investors to take benefit from the solar, waste-to-energy and hydro generation projects being offered in Pakistan.

Source: Radio Pakistan