PIA's Role in promoting sports (Pakistan Observer)

Pakistan International Airlines is a leading national institution which has been playing a major role in promoting sports and youth development in the country. PIA’s role in promoting sports activities is more vital and imperative as it supports almost all major sports played in the country, e.g. cricket, squash, hockey, table tennis, badminton, tenis. etc.

With a dedicated sports division, PIA has been the leading employer, offering jobs to a large number of talented sportspersons from different sports. This way, it provides our youth with abundant opportunities to hone and display their sporting abilities at local and international levels. It has also become the number one choice for the local youth who want to make their mark in different sports.

Besides giving employment, PIA organizes and sponsors a number of sporting events, gaming festivals and tournaments held throughout the country on a regular basis.

In Pakistan’s sports history, PIA’s role is the most significant and remarkable compared to the rest of the public and private institutions.

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