PMLN, Opposition

QUETTA: Treasury and Opposition would resolve problems of Balochistan jointly. SDP and all development process should be equally distributed. This was stated by President PMLN Sardar Sanaullah Zehri and Opposition leader Maulana Abdul Wasay at a joint Press conference here Tuesday.

Sardar Zehri said PMLN candidate Mamnoon Hussain succeeded in Balochistan with majority. PMLN is the largest party in the province. Cabinet would be formed after presidential election. Following Murree declaration PMLN should get maximum ministries. He said if Changez Marri could cast vote then we can get 59 out of 61 votes.

Opposition leader Maulana Wasay said JUI would never join the government. Our Amir Maulana Fazlur Rehman appraised of dangers and apprehensions confronting the party at the federal and provincial levels by maintaining entity of Opposition. The two leaders said that treasury and Opposition would jointly resolve problems of Balochistan.

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