Karachi: Pakistan Navy strongly refutes the news story published in Daily The News and Daily Jang regarding the allegation of kidnapping for ransom of ex-serviceman Ramzan Shah against Naval Intelligence. It is clarified that Ramzan Shah was serving as Chief Petty Officer in Pakistan Navy but was also engaged in illegal and unauthorized activities. Once found guilty, the Petty Officer was charged and disciplinary action was taken against him as per Naval Law.

It was proved that Ramzan Shah was involved in unlawful business activities, like extortion of money and running private business on partnership with private firms. It was also found that he was wanted by civil police in different criminal cases. On the basis of these irrefutable allegations, Pakistan Navy conducted a summary trial against former FCPO Ramzan Shah in October 2012. During the trial, statements of police personnel, the victims, and accomplices of the criminal were recorded. The culprit accepted all the allegations before the Naval tribunal and when proven guilty, Petty Officer Ramzan Shah was dismissed from service. Ramzan Shah is still wanted in different criminal cases by police.

After dismissal from service, Ramzan Shah filed petitions in Sindh High Court request No. CPD 549/2013 which is against the Naval Law. The petition in Sindh High Court was heard by Honorable Justice Sajjad Ali Shah and Honorable Justice Naimutullah Phulpoto on 18th April 2013. After taking stance from both the parties, the case was disposed off from the court whereas the hearing is still going on in Naval Court of Appeal. In this case Ramzan Shah along with violating Naval Law is using media for his interest by providing misleading information which is totally baseless.

It is also worthmentioning that according to initial investigations, none of the Naval Intelligence personnel were involved in 29th August incident for which Naval Intelligence was alleged for kidnapping for ransom. However, due to misconception and lack of communication among the law enforcing agencies this unpleasant incident occurred. Though, all facets of this incident are being thoroughly investigated. If any PN personnel is found guilty, strict disciplinary action shall be taken against him.

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