Policies based on transparency to benefit the common man, CM

Peshawar: The Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mr. Parvez Khattak has said that transparency and accountability will be the hall mark of their team work and all investment made in the province will benefit the common man.

Addressing the concluding ceremony of a two day Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Priority Reforms Results Retreat, he said that although they were bringing reforms in all the sectors but at the moment the working groups have crystallized their vision and formulated a workable results framework regarding priority sectors like Health, Education, Local Government and E Governance.

He said that for bringing tenability to the working groups established and notified for these reforms, they had made conscious efforts to include sector experts from the civil society and development partners and to give it
ownership, the provincial ministers and secretaries not only participated but led their respective groups.

He hoped the participants of the Retreat that the recommendations will be the first step in bringing about peace, prosperity and development to the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and assured that they would work closely with them in setting the development and reform agenda, so as to ensure their ownership and continued support.

Mr. Khattak pointed out that the people of the Province are both witness and victim to the great upheaval, as maladministration and inefficiencies had plagued the governance structure immensely and the worst affected were the areas of important service delivery like Health, Education and police. But with the election and the subsequent formation of their coalition government, drastic measures were required to deal with the adverse situation.

He pointed out that they were voted because of their agenda of change and they have a clear vision and thus had embarked upon various reform initiatives which included various new legislations some of which have been enacted and work on many more is in progress.

These include the Right to Information Law and assured that new and true local Government System and the Accountability or Ehtesab Commission will be in place soon. With regard to ensuring transparency and accountability, complaints and redressal mechanisms had been established in his office as well as in all the government departments which are functioning and delivering. He said that these initiatives will lead to good governance, transparency, credibility and greater service delivery for the welfare of the people of the province.

Earlier, Additional Chief Secretary P &D, Khalid Pervez while presenting the summary of the priority reforms said that “peace & Security, citizen empowerment, clean and efficient government and making government a service to the citizen” was their mission and all these reforms were aimed at achieving these ends.

With regard to the strategy to be adopted for the fulfilment of this mission, he said that they are moving to medium term development and budget framework for better resource management and increasing development spending by 15 per cent. He said that resources are shifted to Education and Health, are concentrating on less developed districts and also implementing district poverty reduction strategies.

He said that by reducing the cost of business through reforms in compliance regimes, reengineering of business processes and removal of market distortions they will encourage investment in the province. They, he said will target private sector led investments in the productive sectors.

The ACS said that they have finalized strategic development partnership framework and would achieve universal primary education and pitch the health sector outcome at “a higher level”. He said that the “KP reforms result Matrix has six outcomes that will contribute to the strategic outcome”.

The Country Director of World Bank in Pakistan Richard Ben Messaoud on this occasion assured the Government and people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of their full support to the priority reforms framework and assured that they and all other international donors would realign their policies for achieving the ends of these reforms.

Earlier, Additional Chief Secretary Finance Sahibzada Saeed Ahmad, Secretary Elementary and Secondary Education .Joudat Ayaz, Secretary Science and Information Technology Ahmad Hassan and Secretary Local Government Hifzur Rehman presented the summaries of the recommendations of the Working Groups previously notified regarding their respective departments. The recommendations also included those regarding the Health sector.

Senior Minister for Irrigation, Energy and Power Sikandar Hayat Sherpao, presided over the opening session while provincial ministers Shaukat Ali Yousafzai, Sharam Khan Tarakai, Inayatullah Khan, Yousaf Ayub Khan, Mohammat Atif, MPA Aneesa Zeb Tahirkheli, Miraj Humayun, Mohammad Iqbal Khalil, being members of different working groups, The Chief Secretary Mohammad Shahzad Arbab and a large number of MPs, development practitioners participated.

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