Power load shedding rises in Naundero

NAUNDERO: Announced and unscheduled electricity load shedding has increased in Naundero as compared to Ratodero & Larkana.

People of Naundero are facing acute problems due to 12 hours power outage out of 24 hours whereas 8 hours announced load shedding is being carried in Ratodero & Larkana. A bank telephonically asked Syed Waryal Shah, Incharge of Naundero grid station about the load shedding timings so that they can run & close their computers well in time.

Shah revealed that the power outage has increased in Naundero from 10 hours to 12 hours whereas it has been reduced in Ratodero & Larkana from 10 to 8 hours in 24 hours. Shah further said that he is instructed daily from the higher authorities that during shut down period load shedding should not be included in the said shut down or non-supply of electricity from Shikarpur grid due to technical faults.

Worst affected the ice factory owners who pay millions of rupees every month for the electricity consumed as the temperature of their water tanks is not maintained because electricity is supplied to them for only two hours and it remains off for next two hours due to which they are suffering heavy losses without making but increasing their monthly bill. People of Naundero have complained several times to higher SEPCO authorities without any result.

They have demanded announced load shedding as they are of the view that grid station incharge is involved in the unscheduled power outage as it is reducing in the country but increasing in the home town of Bhutto leaders. Recently MNA of NA207 also asked SEPCO Chief to reduced the load shedding time as per government police but he refused to comply with her directions, sources claimed. The temperature in Larkana remained 42 degrees centigrade on Wednesday which crippled life.

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