PPP in talks with MQM for participation in govt: CM

HYDERABAD: Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah has said that PPP believed in the reconciliation policy as it was engaged in negotiations with MQM for their participation in the government and ANP and other parties to support democratic government in the better interest of common man.

This he observed while addressing a press conference at Circuit House Hyderabad this night. Senator Raza Rabani, who was nominated for Presidential Election by PPP, Provincial Minister for Information Sharjeel Inam Memon, Sindh Minister for Fisheries Jam Khan Shoro, PPP President Hyderabad Chapter Zahid Ali Bhurgari, General Secretary Syed Fayaz Shah and other PPP leaders were present on this occasion.

The chief minister said that we were optimistic of getting positive response from MQM and our other friends. Similarly PPP has nominated Senator Raza Rabani for Presidential Election and was trying its best to get Rabani nominated from all opposition parties unanimously, he added. He said that the whole country was aware about the competency of Raza Rabani who got the 18th Amendment unanimously passed from all political parties in the parliament.

While responding to a question about local body’s elections, the chief minister said that we had requested the apex court for conducting the local body’s elections within six months. He said that we intended to bring the amendments in the present local government law and did other preparation for which at least six months period was needed.

While responding to another question about Lyari incidents, the chief minister Sindh said that the situation in Lyari was not so dangerous as it was being propagated. He said that there was a little bit dispute between communities, which according to him was created by some elements for their own interest. He said that 80% displaced people had been returned back to their homes in Lyari where full security was being provided to them.

Talking about the law & order situation in Karachi, Qaim said that there was similarity in the blasts occurred recently and the terrorists involved in those acts had been identified and very soon they would be brought to justice. To another question about some incidents by Rangers personnel for victimization of civilian people, the chief minister Sindh said that the act of any individual could not be blamed to whole organization.

However, he maintained that Ranger was the need of Sindh government till we got our Sindh police well trained, well equipped and strengthened enough. He said that 17,000 police personnel could not look after twenty million people in Karachi as such we needed help from Rangers.

He said that we don’t want any clash with federal government as there were many jobs which could be performed jointly such as the federal government collects the taxes and put it in divisible pool and we get our share from them.

Earlier, Qaim in his initial remarks said that Hyderabad always had been remained as peaceful district but recently we have received many complaints about the law & order and cleanliness. He said that today all officers called in the meeting and are warned to perform their duty accordingly failing which strict action would be taken against them.

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