PPP will be perished out on 11th of May, Arbab Khizer predicts

Peshawar: Pakistan Muslim League Senior leader Arbab Khizer Hayat has termed PPP as political orphan and has claimed that on 11th of May PPP will be perished out of the political scenario completely.

He was talking to the media men here in Peshawar on Monday at his residence. He said it was running without any leader, as its chairman Bilawal shows no interest in the politics.

“Only broadcasting of ads on Television doesn’t mean that PPP is a political party and such type of ads in nothing more than a joke with the nation and the country”.

He maintained adding that there was nothing with PPP to show its performance of its five years tenure rather they had bent upon character assassination of others.

Referring to the assassination of Benazir Bhutto Arbab came hard over PPP saying that its own workers were angry over its leadership for not exposing the killers of BB.

“If they could not arrest the killers during their five years reign how they can expect others to help them arresting BB’s murderers” he lamented.

He said the masses would never forgive those who have pushed the country into sheer darkness and crisis.

He once again claimed that PMLN was the only party having a solid team of experts and the capability to steer the country out of the current situation.

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