President apologizes to an aged taxpayer over administrative injustice of FBR

President Dr Arif Alvi has apologized to an aged taxpayer over administrative injustice by the Federal Board of Revenue.

The President, in a press release issued on Sunday expressed dismay over the treatment of an 82 years old tax payer by FBR.

He directed the Chairman of FBR to look into the entire system of irresponsibility and corruption and take punitive action against the entire chain of decision makers involved in the case.

Dr Arif Alvi took exception to the decision of FBR against a senior citizen that refused him to refund a paltry sum of 2,333 rupees on frivolous grounds and dragged him into unnecessary litigation spanning over a year. Apologizing to the senior citizen Abdul Hamid Khan, the President said that our heads should hang in shame for the inconvenience caused by FBR to the senior citizen.

It is pertinent to mention that Abdul Hamid Khan had claimed a refund of 2,333 rupees on his income tax return for the year 2020 and submitted requisite documents of advance tax deduction of the PTCL and cell phone company bills.

Source: Radio Pakistan

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