Presidential Council: Only Libyans decide course and date of elections

Libya's Presidential Council (PC) on Tuesday stressed that the date of the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections is decided by the Libyans only.

"The elections, their course and date, are a matter for the Libyans alone, which Chairman of the Presidential Council of Libya Fayez Serraj has confirmed," Spokesman for Libya's UN-backed government Mohamed al-Sallak told the weekly press conference in the capital Tripoli.

He said that Serraj, prime minister of the UN-backed Libyan government, stressed that all concerned parties, especially those who participated in the Paris Declaration, must assume their responsibility and abide by their duties.

Italian Ambassador to Libya Giuseppe Perrone said earlier this week that holding elections in Libya before the end of this year is not possible as Italy does not advocate it, sparking resentment and protests in some Libyan cities.

France in May hosted a meeting on Libya with the participation of different Libyan parties to end the political crisis. The parties agreed to commit themselves to hold "credible" presidential and parliamentary elections on December 10.

Source: International Islamic News Agency

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