Private jail issue conspiracy against Sindh agriculture

UMERKOT, Sindh: In the grab of action against so-called private Prisons in Sindh, the vested interests are ruining the agriculture sector of province Sindh, growers and farmers told a press conference at Umerkot Press Club here on Sunday.

Dr Syed Noor Ali Shah, Muhammad Ali Nagori, Former MPA Haji Ali Murad Rajar, Sufi Akbar Darus, Haji Baqa Palli and other landlords and growers said that the courts should took notice of steps to ruin agriculture in rural areas of Sindh in the grab of action against private jails.

They said that, there is no concept of private prisons in Sindh. They said farmers toil hard in fields and landlords bear all expenditure of cultivation, adding farmers and landlords enjoy equal share of the crops they produce.

They said some vested interests and NGOs are ruining agriculture sector of Sindh by harassing landlords and misleading farmers in the grab of so-called private jails and the government and judiciary should take notice of this grave conspiracy.