Promotion of interfaith dialogue, harmony among people is need of hour, says Jamal Nazir

Islamabad: Federal Minister for National Harmony Shahzada Jamal Nazir has said promotion of interfaith dialogue and harmony among the people of different faiths is need of the hour for peace and tolerance in the society.

He expressed these views while chairing a meeting here on Wednesday wherein he was briefed about the functions of the Ministry of National Harmony. Senior officials attended the meeting.

Senior Joint Secretary, Sikandar Ismail Khan informed the minister that the Ministry of National Harmony makes policy and legislation with regard to interfaith harmony and represents Pakistan at UN Sub commission on prevention of discrimination to minorities.

He said that the subjects of safeguarding the rights and promotion of welfare of the minorities have been devolved after the devolution of ministry of Minorities to the provinces. He informed that ten festivals of minorities including Christmas, Easter, Dewali, Holi, Nauroze, Chilmjushst, Eid-e-Ridwan, Festival of Lights, Janam Din of Baba Gru Nanak and Besakhi are celebrated officially.

He said Ministry of National Harmony has granted Rs 26 million worth of scholarships to 3760 minorities’ students during 201213.

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