PTF Chairperson Subhenau says PTF overstepping from its mandate

Islamabad: Mrs. Shahida Kausar Farooq, Chairperson Subhenau, has resigned from the post of Member of Pakistan Tennis Federation’s Women Wing. In a letter to PTF President Mr. Kaleem Imam, Mrs. Farooq said that the major reason for her resignation was the extreme nonprofessional attitude of the PTF’s higher management.

“Being a sports promoter for more than two decades now, I have volunteered my time and resources for this cause, but PTF did not facilitate this work as per its role, which was for the benefit of players and officials’ she said. She said that she was never called to any meetings, conferences and the like, including AGMs, which she regularly attended before this administration took over.

She said that the code of conduct was also inappropriately applied by placing a ban on ranking SubheNau’s events, the organization that I volunteer for.”

In a separate letter to President PTF, Mrs. Farooq also demanded that PTF should not create hurdles for Subhenau to host national ranking tennis events as these were in interest of players, officials, tennis associates and tennis itself in Pakistan.

PTF has informed SN that the matters pertaining to its working will be taken up by the general body in its AGM.

She said that SN was not an associate of PTF or any of its affiliated units and rules and regulations set by PTF do not apply to SN. She said that PTF should refrain from causing more delays due to which the sport, players and officials suffer at the national and international level.

Mrs. Farooq vowed that with unwavering resolve, she will continue to promote tennis and other sports in the country despite any hurdles.

She said that she thinks that promotion of children’s sports is her lifelong mission, which she will not give up at any cost. She concluded that Subhenau is the platform from which she works, and volunteers for.

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