PTI asked Zardari to declare from where he got 120canal “Bilawal Place” in Lahore

Chakwal: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan said Sunday that it was essential to eliminate corruption and tax theft in order to steer the country towards the path of prosperity.

While addressing the PTI Worker’s Convention here, he asked President Asif Zardari to make public his sources of income from where he had built 120canal palace named “Bilawal House” in Lahore.
“Mr Zardari from where you have got the wealth for constructing this fortress like house Tell me Zardari, did you pay tax for this money” Imran questioned.

Imran Khan also took to task Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and said that the budget of entire Punjab Province had been spent ton the construction of 27kmlong road and the Metro Bus Project, says a press release.

Imran Khan said that the people of Punjab were fighting a war of life and death while on the other hand the provincial government was busy in lavish spendings, as only Rs. 80to90 billion were spent on the metro bus project just to win the polls as the Sharif government had done nothing to serve the people during the past five years time.

Imran Khan also rejected the notion that the reconstitution of the election commission of Pakistan may delay the general election. He said that the PTI had not been consulted over the caretaker setup. He said that he would claim wickets of both the PPP and the PMLN simultaneously with one ball.

Imran said that he had been advocating for the past nine years that the US-led war on terror should not be fought by Pakistan and the country should hold talks with the Taliban, but he was called “Taliban Khan”.

He said that the ruling junta was in consensus to rule the country turn-by-turn, and this time around they also joined hands for contesting election from a single platform in order to counter the PTI, but, Imran Khan vowed, that the PTI would defeat the two major political parties PPP and PMLN even if the election was held under the umpires of their choice.

“It is vital to eliminate corruption and tax theft from the country forever to make Pakistan a prosperous and welfare state,” he maintained, adding that after coming into power, the PTI would not only collect money from tax theft, but it would make sure to spend it on the welfare of the masses.

“The PTI will make a new Pakistan if voted to power, where there would be complete peace of mind and prosperity and would break the begging bowel once and for all,” he vowed.

More than three thousand people attended the reception. Ex MNA Sardar Faiz Tamman, Ex MPA Col. R Sultan Surkhru, Ex Tehsil Nazim Chakwal Amir Khan Bhatti, Ex Tehsil Nazim Kallar Kahar Pir Sajid Hussain Shah, Malik Shahid Iqbal Advocate, Sahibzada Basit Shakeel Hashmi, Pir Waqar Hussain Shah, Saeed Ullah Khan Niazi, Sohail Kamrial were also present on this occasion.

Later Imran Khan also went to Kot Sarfraz where renowned educationist Raja Yasir Sarfraz joined PTI. Raja Yasir Sarfraz spoke on the occasion told that Imran Khan was the only option left in the country to save it.

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