PTI urges ECP to filter out tax evader, loan defaulters from entering parliament

Islamabad: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has called into question the “swift retreat” by the election commission of Pakistan (ECP) from its principled stance of tight scrutiny of nomination papers of candidates for the upcoming elections to block the entry of tax evaders, non-filers and loans defaulters into assemblies.

“With a strong conviction to rid the country of tax evaders and loans defaulters, the ECP had printed elaborate nomination papers.

Independent media and civil society had also supported the ECP move in this process with high hopes that they would be able to block the entry of tax evaders in the parliament,” said Shafqat Mahmood, Secretary Information PTI, in a statement issued here on Friday.

The PTI leader said that however, later under mysterious circumstances, the returning officers scuttled the move of ECP by giving greater importance to other aspects of article 62 and 63 of the constitution and ignoring tax evasion, non filing and loan default.

This attracted widespread critical comment on the media. He said that the biggest mistake was committed when loan defaulters and those who had got their loans written-off were also allowed to contest.

The PTI leader urged the ECP to review its strategy and block the way of those who had been criminally avoiding the laws and were refusing to pay back the loans they owed to banks which belonged to the people of Pakistan.

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