Ramdan right time to implement antismoking pledge

Karachi: The holy month of Ramdan is proper time to implement antismoking strategy, said a senior healthcare expert.

Senior Ear, Nose and Throat ENT Surgeon Dr SM Qaisar Sajjad told PPI the holy month of Ramadan is the great gift of God for chain smokers to quit smoking. He said however it needs a strong willpower. He believed that a strong determination and supportive role of family play miracles to quit smoking.

He said with bundle of blessings the holy month of Ramadan offers include getting rid of bad habits. He said the habit of smoking can also be avoided through observing fasts and as such this month gives a great opportunity those people who wanted to quit smoking for good.

Dr Sajjad said that fasting is considered as a strong tool to maintain good health. It is also an effective cure for various psychological and medical disorders. He said holy month of Ramadan serves as a best exercise for smokers to maintain good health and avoid nicotine dependency.

He said in normal days it becomes hard for smokers to leave smoking completely as hectic routine and social pressures compel them to continue smoking, while the fasting gives them a solid reason acceptable socially and morally to stay away from smoking. He said mostly people smoke cigarettes to avoid depression and tension but smoking leads to further depression and health loss as well.

He said a month long break from the practice of smoking often get converted into a permanent avoidance of this health hazardous habit. He said a strong willpower is needed to quit smoking, which the fasting readily offers during this holy month. He said by observing fasting the people can get rid of smoking besides fulfil their religious obligation of Ramadan fasting.

Dr Qaisar Sajjad said smokers experience withdrawal symptoms like irritability, anger, restlessness, impatience and difficulty concentrating but the fasting helps them to maintain patience. He stressed on the essential role of family members of smokers during the withdrawal symptoms in holy month Ramazan. He said the fasting is a spiritual help to spend smoke free days during Ramazan and ditch many other bad habits altogether.

He said chronic smoking leads to several dangerous diseases like cancer, mouth cancer, lungs cancer, nose & throat problems, TB and asthma, so fasting can help people to quit smoking and save them from the diseases. He feared that people having weak willpower may resume smoking again after some time due the pressure of peers.

He urged the media, civil society and government for launching a comprehensive campaign against the smoking during the holy month of Ramazan.

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