Rulers afraid LG polls will produce new leadership

Karachi: Pasban President Altaf Shakoor has announced that they would contest the coming local government elections to give an alternate honest, brave, committed and patriotic leadership to people of Pakistan. Addressing a meeting here Friday at the Pasban Secretariat, he said the rulers have betrayed the people of Pakistan. He said despite passage of half a century the greedy rulers have failed to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state as per the vision of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He said a new brave, honest, committed and patriotic leadership is necessary to solve the burning problems for poor Pakistani masses. He said the Pasban would try its best to provide this new leadership to the poor people. He said their decision to take part in the local government polls is the first step in the regard.

He said on all vital national issues including the imprisonment of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, price hike, poverty, joblessness, lawlessness, load shedding and drone attacks the rulers have betrayed the nation. He said now people are being united under the banner of Pasban and it would contest the LG polls from all four provinces including Sindh. He said they would give a new brave leadership to people.

Pasban leader said the elite class is ruling people on the principle of divide and rule. He said Pakistani people have been divided on the lines of provincialism, linguistic and cultural differences, cast, creed and sectarianism. He said the politics of polarization is being promoted and a bother is pitched against brother to keep their divided. He said resultantly big political parties have become limited to provinces.

He said instead of solving the issues of people, politicians are paying just lip-service. He said now the era of hollow slogans has passed and people now demand solid results. He said Pasban does not believe in deceiving people with the hollow slogans but is practically serving people. He said we have always raised a strong voice against injustice and fought for the rights of people.

Altaf Shakoor said people need a strong leadership at grassroots level and the local bodies’ election provides opportunities to cultivate this peoples’ leadership. He said we are working at city, town and village level and now people are looking to Pasban to get their problems resolved. He said the corrupt politicians have looted and plundered the national wealth to stuff their coffers, but now people need a new breed of politicians that duly serve them.

The Pasban leader said the local government poll is a constitutional responsibility of the government. He said the rulers are reluctant to hold these elections as they fear that real representatives of people may emerge in the result of these polls. He instructed the Pasban office-bearers and workers to be fully prepared for the coming local bodies’ polls and hold meeting, seminars and programs at grassroots level. He said the campaigning for contacting people at their doorsteps should be accelerated.

On the occasion Pasban Sindh chapter president Rafiq Ahmed Khaskheli invited Altaf Shakoor to address the coming provincial convention of Pasban.

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