SDPI to hold seminar ‘Regional Connectivity and Economic Growth in South Asia’ tomorrow

Islamabad: The Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) will hold a seminar under titled ‘Regional Connectivity and Economic Growth in South Asia” tomorrow Monday at SDPI Seminar Hall.

The speakers will speak on the occasion included Mr Muhammad Naveed Iftikhar, Governance Specialist, Economic Reforms Unit (ERU), Ministry of Financ, Dr Vaqar Ahmed, Deputy Executive Director, SDPI.

Connecting countries via mutual trade is part of future economic paradigm known as ‘Single Economic Unit’, a vision widely supported by international financial institutions and the G-20 countries. Regionally connectivity in South Asian poses tremendous potential that would not only encourage development but can also turn South Asia into world’s ‘engine of growth’.

Connecting regional ‘energy resources’ to ‘consumption centres’ is nowhere else as important as in the South Asian Region, which is a home to about one third of the world’s population. Tied with the lace of energy transportation lines, South Asia can emerge thriving and peaceful.

Trade and energy go hand-in-hand, and South Asia, which is portrayed as ‘shining’ on the heels of its young population, can use geography to its advantage. The first and foremost condition for this magic to happen is peace with ‘Simple Harmonic Equilibrium,” which means that all major disputes are maintainable without any external or internal pressure or support of people on either side.

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