Shaukat criticizes ANP for levelling false allegations against PTI

Peshawar: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Health and Information Shaukat Ali Yousafzai has categorically stated that the days of corruption, favouritism and mismanagement have gone and now all matters will be done on merit.

He said during the last five years the Awami National Party rulers were making decisions according to their own well but when the people gave vote for change they could not digest the same and thus were making false allegations against the PTI government.

Responding to the Awami National Party leaders allegations after allegations, Shoukat Ali Yousafzai said the ANP had confronted the people with frustration and disparity. He said they availed the Americans friendship and earned dollars.

He said they ran the government in such a manner that no school, hospital or institutions were saved from destruction. He said today the filth the masses were seeing was the outcome of the wrong and faulty policies of the ANP leaders. He said to curb corruption the PTI government had introduced and brought to front the Accountability Cell which would be an autonomous body and could make the rulers as well as the bureaucrats accountable.

He disclosed that the access to information bill would be implemented which would made the approach of the people easy to every sort of information and that would not only identify corruption but would also extirpate the same. He said now no one would create hurdles in any legal or illegal work and the people would not go to corruption for their work.

He said at the moment all the policies were in the road map for giving relief to the masses in every sector and very soon a solid mechanism would be developed which would bring transparency in the affairs of the government.

He said now onwards neither the jobs would be sold out nor merit would be violated. He said the ANP had done a lot of politics on the blood of Pakhtuns and also sold out their blood as they could and that was why the nation took the authority from them.

He said the ANP leaders were taking the people’s rights as their own and during the last five years they thought only for themselves and not the nation. He said the politics of Pakhtun nation was kept limited only to sloganeering and nothing more.

He said the ANP wasted the Net Hydel Profit on corruption and the five year tenure was being taken as the dark age of the province’s history.

He said the same situation could not allow the ANP leaders to criticize the PTI leaders. He said the PTI would implement all its promises in letter and spirit and the ANP leaders would observe the same with open eyes.

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