SHC CJ for restoring peace in Karachi

Karachi: Sindh High Court Chief Justice, Mushir Alam, on Tuesday said if newly elected provincial government showed unwillingness in restoring peace in Karachi, then judiciary would play its role according to law.

Taking to media men at Sindh High Court during a ceremony organized to welcome newly appointed junior clerks in the court, The chief justice further said that he had deep insight into law and order issue plaguing the city.

He said that he would call a high level meeting to discuss prevailing law and order situation in the city. He said that judiciary is going towards institutionalization of reforms.

He welcomed the newly appointed junior clerks and said that they had been appointed through the transparent way. The chief justice said that there were many systemic ills in the judiciary, including corruption, which had been reduced to some extent by appointing competent persons in the judicial system.

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