Shipping & Ports Ministry should be merged in another ministry: Usman Ghani

LAHORE: Pakistan Hardware Merchants Association has called for the merger of Ministry of Shipping and Ports with some other Ministry as it had been a great source of corruption in the past decade only because of its independent status.

In a statement issued here, the former Chairman Pakistan hardware Merchants Association Sardar Usman Ghani said that due to rampant corruption in the Ministry the cost of doing business in country had gone up considerably.

He said that when the business community is paying for the release of their goods, how can they provide the goods to the users at their actual price and it was the practice during the last decade or over when no attention was given towards the menace of corruption that had spread its tentacles to all spheres of life.

With its merger with some other Ministry, the corruption would come down automatically thus bringing down the cost of doing business in Pakistan and provision of goods and raw materials to the end users at their actual price.

Sardar Usman Ghani said that the business community believes that there is no need for the Ministry of Shipping and Ports and it would be better that either it should be merged or turned into a federal government department after having a thorough review of its working.

“Since the government has decided to weed out the corruption, therefore it would be wiser on the part of the government to take action against black sheep in all the government departments.”

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