Shireen Mazari’s statement

Peshawar: On behalf of PTI, Central Secretary Information Shireen Mazari issued a statement explaining why the new NAB Chief designate is highly unsuited to this position. Clearly this appointment has been the result of a muk muka between the PMLN and PPP, done in haste and/or under unknown pressures that PTI demands are made public.

Mazari pointed out the following: One: The manner in which this appointment was done was neither in keeping with the spirit of the NAB Ordinance nor completely legal. The NAB Ordinance of 1999 as it stands today states that: A person shall not be appointed as Chairman NAB unless he i is a retired Chief Justice or a Judge of the Supreme Court or a Chief Justice of a High Court, or ii is a retired officer of the Armed Forces of Pakistan equivalent to the rank of a Lieutenant General; or iii is a retired Federal Government Officer in BPS 22 or equivalent.

Qamar Zaman applied for retirement after his announcement was made and the process was hastily completed within 24 hours. This was done to defeat the letter and spirit of the law. Two: There exists a contempt notice of the Supreme Court against Qamar Zaman copy with PTI which states: “In order to meet the ends of justice, we find it necessary to issue notices under Section 17 1 of the Contempt of Court Ordinance V of 2003, to Qamar Zaman Ch, Secretary, Ministry of Interior, Abdul Rauf Ch. Secretary, Establishment Division, and Khushnood Lashari, Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister, for wilful defiance of the orders of this Court passed on 24.1.2011.” This notice is still pending.

Three: Qamar Zaman was one of the six Directors of NICL whose case was taken up by the SC. Copies of the Minutes of the NICL of their 59th and 60th meetings are with PTI. Three properties were purchased one in Lahore, one in Karachi and one in Dubai. Billions were made. All directors of NICL were issued arrest warrants except Qamar Zaman though he was fully minuted to have taken part in the decisions as revealed in the relevant Minutes because he was then Interior Secretary. Two Directors are absconding and three are on bail. In the minutes of the 59th meeting he was not present but all these decisions were confirmed in the 60th meeting and he was thoroughly briefed on the three scandalous purchases, which he appreciated.

Four: Maj. Qamar Zaman was ADC to Ziaul Haq; and Brig Tirmizi in his book “Profiles of Intelligence” writes on pages 323 to 325 about him on how he got a quota to send workers abroad and made good money on it. The corruption report was given to Zia and Qamar Zaman was taken out of this sensitive position, transferred to DMG group and made Deputy

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