SIUT organizes workshop on reconstructive surgery

KARACHI: A specialized medical workshop was organized by SIUT here Friday on reconstructive surgery for certain urological disorders.

Renowned visiting urological surgeon Dr David Andrew Dickerson from Bristol Urological Institute UK who delivered a lecture and gave an overview on the subject before a select audience comprising prominent surgeons and other medical professionals.

Dr Dickerson said “urethral stricture disease which is a part of urological disorder is a disease which is as old as the history of the mankind. He said the disease has been not only a source of painful sufferings but also cause of family alterations, social life and to a extent of life threatening conditions.

He said the problem of these structured diseases is rising high especially in the developing countries due to road traffic accidents, frequent use of endoscopic instruments and inflammatory conditions.

The British surgeon is also the found member of UK Surgeons Group highlighted the effective and safe management of the disease and spelt out the advancement of surgical science and medical technology aimed to provide heal and relief who are suffering from the disorder.

Earlier Director SIUT Professor SIUT Professor Adib Rizvi introduced the subject and the background of the visiting surgeon. The workshop was followed by two live operation sessions attended by medical and post graduate students.

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