Social leaders deplore dragging of human body

Karachi: Pakistan Dalit Solidarity Network PDSN, Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research PILER and civil society activists of Sindh in a statement on Monday deplored dragging and removal of the body of a Dalit lower caste Bheel from the grave in a village near Pingrio, Badin district.

According to the statement issued by PILER. Dalit families protested against the discrimination of a human. They claimed that they have been burying their dead in the graveyard of Haji Faqeer Oliya in Pingrio town for decades and there was a separate space of Dalits in the graveyard for burying.

The protesters said they buried the body of a youth artist Bhooro Bheel, who died in a traffic accident the other day in the graveyard. Some religious people of the town raised objection over the burial of a non-Muslim in the graveyard but with the intervention of local civil society and notables, they managed to bury the body.

The religious leaders tried to instigate other people by announcing on the loudspeakers of mosque that a non-Muslim was buried in a graveyard of Muslims. They also invited the students of various seminaries from nearby towns like Jhuddo and Matli, who later led a mob to the graveyard and dig out the buried body, dragged and threw it on a road side.

The body remained there for over eight hours, later the relatives buried it in another place.

PDSN, PILER, human rights organisations and civil society activists expressed concern over the increasing violence in the name of religion in Sindh, which was famous for its secular nature and majority of its residents were followers of Sufi saints of this region.

They demanded of the government to register cases against the people involved in this incident.

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