South Sudan Islamic Council approves recommendations to develop Pilgrims’ Affairs Office mechanisms

The South Sudan Islamic Council (SSIC) has launched a project to develop the mechanisms of the Pilgrims' Affairs Office, through a specialized workshop under the theme Serving the Pilgrims Is an Honor for Us.

The workshop, launched in the capital Juba on Saturday, included a review of the Hajj work for previous years and the early preparation for this year's pilgrimage, in the attendance of 50 Hajj partners and the Hajj-related organizations.

The workshop approved a set of recommendations for the development of Hajj mechanisms, including the provision of the necessary work equipment; the establishment of smart partnerships with the relevant institutions; the need to adhere to the annual pilgrimage schedule; activating the work of agencies; disseminating the culture of spending on Hajj; continuous training for Hajj workers; the establishment of Hajj and Umrah saving fund; the need to respect and promote the policies organizing the pilgrimage; raising awareness among pilgrims about the importance of the pre-travel vaccination to avoid various health hazards; upgrading the Hajj Secretariat to become an independent body; increasing the chances for the South Sudanese citizens abroad to perform Hajj in coordination with the relevant embassies; promoting media messages about the pilgrimage; and garnering support for jurisprudence and guidance on Hajj rituals.

South Sudan's Presidential Advisor on Islamic Affairs Sheikh Juma Saeed has said the workshop represents a good opportunity for review and development, stressing the country's continuous support for all the Islamic Council programs, particularly the pilgrimage.

Acting SSIC Secretary-General Sheikh Abdallah Burj affirmed the importance of attending the workshop and noted the aspiration of the Islamic Council to strengthen partnership with the Hajj partners, in order to improve performance. He also indicated the constant support of the President of the Republic for the SSIC, through the Hajj grant, expressing appreciation for the efforts of the South Sudanese Pilgrims' Affairs Office, notably Ahmed Abdulmajeed for his role and long experience in the area of Hajj affairs.

Source: International Islamic News Agency

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