South Sudan Muslims launch initiative to serve state institutions

The General Secretariat of the South Sudan Islamic Council (SSIC) launched a community initiative under the slogan "Together to make our cities clean to preserve our health and show our advancement".

The initiative is to mobilize the energies of youth and students to participate in the campaigns of public health facilities in the capital Juba as well as serving the society and state institutions with the participation of the Islamic schools' students.

The initiative started with a cleaning campaign in the three major hospitals in the capital, namely Juba Teaching Hospital, Al-Sabah Children's Hospital and Juba Military Hospital, under the sponsorship of SSIC General Secretary Abdullah Burj Rawal, in cooperation with the Juba Municipality, and in the presence of Presidential Advisor on Religious Affairs Sheikh Juma Saeed Ali and Deputy Mayor of Juba City Council Thiik Mayardit.

The SSIC chief said that this move provided a positive image of the Muslims in their community, where the campaign attracted considerable praise from the patients and the administrators of those vital facilities.

Sheikh Rawal called on young people and students to participate in social hygiene campaigns to combat epidemics and diseases during the fall season and to contribute to hygiene that represents civilized urban behavior.

Source: International Islamic News Agency

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