Special initiatives to unemployed youth

Peshawar: To overcome the problem of unemployment in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa the PTI Led Government in its first budget has introduced special initiatives with the name of “Khud Kafalat” under which interest free loans will be given to the youth of the province.

For the purpose, government has allocated Rs 2 billion. Unemployed youth will be given interest free loans raging from Rs 50000 to 200000.

A special micro finance initiative with name ‘Masaada’ will be started for 12 selected backward districts which will be selected after proper survey. Under this program interest free loans of Rs 25 to 50 thousands will be given to poor citizens on their door steps. Government has reserved Rs 1 billion in the budget for this purpose.

Master Degree Holders in 201314 in M.SC, MA, Technical Education and Seminary Degree Holder equalling of MA will be given Rs 2000 stipend for one year. Rs 500 million have been reserved in the budge for this purpose.

Grants will be given to 50 students for promising business ideas by young entrepreneurs. Rs 120 million have been allocated in the budget.

Government has also decided to establish “Youth Centres” for welfare of the youth and Rs 70 million have been allocated for this purpose.

To promote sports in schools all sports facilities for girls and boys students will be provided in the schools having play grounds. Rs 100 million have been reserved in the budget for this purpose.

To create more jobs 21 news branches of Bank of Khyber will be opened in different cities.

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