Special people stage demo

Jacobabad: A large number of special people staged a protest demo against Chairman Zakat Committee and demanded probe against him.

The protestors gathered before Jacobabad Press Club and raised slogans against chairman of district Zakat Committee. They charged that the official had embezzled funds meant for the welfare of special people.

They said for one week they are staged a token hunger strike daily before the press club, but the government is not taking notice of their plights.

Separately, a group of young men who had passed entry test of Sindh University for the posts of primary teacher staged a protest demo and demanded of the government to give them offer letters for the job.

On the occasion, the protestors banged their heads with tube lights to show their anger. However, one youth was injured when a piece of broken glass hurt his eye and he was rushed to hospital.

Previously, these protestors had staged a sit-in at the same spots holding snakes in their hands and two protestors were rushed to hospital when a snake bit them.

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