Sports: Cricket: Fans flabbergasted at ICC’s double standards

Karachi: Many cricket fans in Pakistan, who have been deprived of international in their country after being told that the country was not safe for cricket, are shocked that ICC readily approved BCCI’s move to confine Pakistan women cricket team to Barabati Stadium in Cuttack on security grounds.

“Is that not double standards that one country has been deprived to hold the mega World Cup event while allowing the other country, which also faces security issues,” Azhar Khan, a student of Karachi University said.

“This is ridiculous that only Pakistan cricket team is facing such hostility when they were competing in the international event. ICC should have at least showed some criticized the move before allowing the hosts to confine Pakistan to the stadium,” he added.

Meanwhile, Noman Zubair, who is a banker, said that if India could hold World Cup event by restricting a team to the stadium on security grounds then Pakistan should also be allowed to hold tournaments likewise.

“The biggest threat to a team is travelling from hotel to stadium and vice versa. I believe even if there is any threat to foreign teams in Pakistan then by restricting a visiting team to the stadium, we can also host international teams just India is doing right now,” he added.

The news of confining Pakistan women cricket team to the stadium during the major Women’s World Cup event has raised many eyebrows.

The comment boxes, under the news of the confinement of Pakistan cricket team to the stadium on many websites, have been overflowing.

“I must ask one simple question at this critical moment, why the world cricket governing body ICC hasn’t show any involvement to investigate this hypocrisy and inhuman reception of Indian government as well as its board to one International team for the competition. No matter, how strong the team is, the main thing come in this situation the humanity. They should respect their guests, give excellent facilities to them,” Basharat Rasool wrote on a website.

“Also, I’m not happy in the way our board PCB responded to this situation. I think they don’t want other countries to respect us. They should call our team back as soon as they come to know about this decision from Indian government as well as the board. This women team is not the beggars or humble individuals but they are the people who represent our country on world stage,” he added.

Pakistan women cricket team will be starting their campaign against Australian counterparts on 1st February.

All the matches of the tournament were scheduled to be played in Mumbai but threats from Hindu extremist party Shiv Sena forced the organizers to move the matches of Pakistan to Cuttack.

Later hotels in Cuttack also refused to entertain Pakistan cricket team citing threats from right wing parties.

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