SSGC enhances customer service, workforce efficiency

Karachi: Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has successfully deployed Oracle WebLogic Server as its application server platform for its Oracle-based financial and customer care and billing applications.

The new integrated system enables the utility company to enhance its customer services by allowing customers to access their gas accounts online and delivering 2,000 bills a day through the self-service Web portal. It also helps reduce the time to connect gas at a new customer’s premises by 80 percent from an average of 100 days to a new average of 20 days.

“Oracle WebLogic Server has changed the service experience of our 2.2 million customers by allowing them to access their gas bills online through the SSGC’s web portal,” said Irfan Zafar, Senior General Manager(IT), Sui Southern Gas Company Ltd. ”

“We tried a couple of application servers but only Oracle WebLogic Server could efficiently support our smart grid project. We have cut the time taken to deliver services to new customers by 80% and enabled them to access their gas bills in real time,” said Kashif Qadeer, Deputy General Manager (IT), Sui Southern Gas Company Ltd.

SSGC transmits and distributes natural gas to 2.2 million customers in 1,200 towns and villages over a network of 37,000 kilometers. SSGC also builds and supplies gas meters and is conducting several smart grid pilot projects.

This deployment further saved the utility company an additional 60 percent of their previous processing time by enabling them to process 100,000 bills and 1.2 million transactions in 2 hours, at night, as compared to 5 hours previously.

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