SSUET students produce solar-electric operated car

Karachi: A group of students of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology SSUET have produced a solar energy operated car which has been modified to be used during night-time.

After modification, the car can now be run both on solar energy and electricity and can be regarded as environment friendly.

“Besides use for long journey, the car can carry passengers form airport and transport commercial cargo from one factory to other and to the market’’, said the 6member group, the developers of the project.

The car drives energy from sun through solar panels fixed at the back of the car while electricity a 220 volt battery has been provided. The car has DC motor controller, solar tracker, micro controller and modern LCD which gives indication of battery and solar panel charging as well as speed.

The group members have also provided GPRS system in the solar and electric operated car.

The group members have developed this car as a project of their final semester with the cooperation of the university.

The group, consist of Sajjad Jaffery, Abdul Rehman, Fahad Iqbal, Amir Iqbal, Mohammad Farooq and Mohammad Awais Qureshi, has requested both the government and industrial sector to provider help in the production of this car on commercial basis.

The production of the car on large scale basis will prove more beneficial in the wake of existing fuel crisis as well as will be highly cost effective, the engineers of tomorrow said.

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